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Junior Cricket Helmets

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Cricket Helmets for Sale in Melbourne

Eagle Rise Sports offers the best non-obstructive and lightweight cricket helmet for sale. We are a leading cricket equipment supplier in the Melbourne area bringing you a diverse range of products for any cricket requirement. You can now stay safe and control the game with our sturdy cricket helmets.

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We stock professional quality cricket helmets that are ergonomically designed for a player to deliver his best performance. They are manufactured keeping the safety factor of the player in mind. Our store has the best brands of helmets that are pro-choice for all professional cricketers.

Junior Cricket Helmets in Melbourne

Looking for helmets for your budding cricketer?

ERS has a professional quality helmet for everyone, be it a senior player or junior. It feels worse when players have to wear cricket helmets that feels extremely uncomfortable. You cannot perform at your optimal level when you have to constantly adjust your helmet.

Some features of our helmets are:

  • Ergonomically shaped for clear visibility
  • Superbly comfortable for long hours of wearing
  • Have a unique shock-absorbing lining
  • Ultralight that does not burden the head
  • Featherlight steel faceguard

All our cricket helmets fully comply with the Australian Protective Standards.

Are you a wicketkeeper and looking for helmets? We have them. Whether you are a wicket-keeper or a batsman, you will find the best-fit helmet at our store. Browse our stock online or visit our store for buying your choice of helmet.

We have all the different kinds of helmets that you need. Try the basic helmet that is best for young players playing in local matches as they are ideal for slow-pitched games. Opt for flap helmet helmets that cover the area around the ear. These helmets allow you to hear while playing the match. They offer proper head protection and come with a partially or fully closed flap.

We also have box helmets for both amateurs and professional players. They are extremely rigid and covers the entire head protecting it from injuries. You can always go for professional helmets that have a rugged ABS shell that is dense and durable offering maximum protection. These helmets cover the entire head till the back and the ears.

Need any help with choosing a helmet? Connect with us.