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      How it works

      As we all know knocking in cricket bats by hand with a mallet we always start knocking the bat slowly and then increase the mallet pressure as we go. This helps to bring better rebound without causing any damage to the bat blade.

      For the optimum results, we have divided the process into 3 steps and each step is done by a separate machine. 

      Step 1

      We place the bat on a machine which has been set up with the least pressure this helps the opening up of the top surface of the wood.

      Step 2

      After the top layer preparation we move the bat to the next machine which has more pressure which ensures the next level of the preparation of the blade without causing damage to the surface.

      Step 3

      The final stage of bat preparation is done on a machine which has been set up to ensure the best performance. A bat you can rely on in the field.