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Cricket Bat Knocking & Repairs

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Cricket Bat Knocking Service in Melbourne

Looking for a trusted place for cricket bat knocking service in Melbourne?

At Eagle Rise Sports, we have professional and experienced experts who specialise in cricket bat knocking in services. It is the process through which the willow fibres in the face and the edges of the bat are compressed and knitted together. This forms a stronger outer resistance and forms a protective shield that absorbs the impact of the ball.

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Our experts carry out the process thoroughly and very carefully. They take special care as the life and performance of the bat depends on this extensively. The entire process is carried out by hand and partially by machine. It may take a couple of hours or days. If required urgently, you can visit our store where we will finish the work within an hour.

Cricket Bat Repairs at Affordable Prices

Does your bat need a repair? Send it to us. Our professional repairing experts will carefully look into the issue, mend them and give a new life to the bat. We provide high-quality services on cricket equipment or cricket bat repairs within an affordable price range. The charges depend on the condition of the bat. Get in touch with us for more info.

Eagle Rise Sports offers all services associated with cricket bats.

  • 3-step bat knocking service
  • Face clean-up service
  • Toe repair and toe guard service
  • Cricket bat re-handle service
  • Shoulder repair service
  • Full bat clean service
  • Bat weight reduction service
  • Handle rethreading service

Exceptional bat knocking-in services

Cricket bats are expensive items and players should take proper care of it. We recommend getting your cricket bat knocked in when you purchase a bat from us.

  • Turnover time is approximately 3 to 5 days
  • Have experience of 10+ years in this service
  • Sanding and buffing for natural wood colour and shine
  • Adding new face sheet and toe tape
  • Protective bee-wax coat for shine and moisture-resistance

Improve your game with bat knocking-in services from us. Your bats will have improved ping and reduced vibration. Also, reduce the chances of your bat getting cracked by almost 80%.

For any inquiries, call us. One of our experts will assist you.