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Cricket Balls

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Cricket Ball for Sale in Melbourne

Need to buy some cricket balls for practice or playing? Find a huge range of the best quality cricket equipment or cricket balls at Eagle Rise Sports. They are available in different designs and colours. We specialise in having cork cricket balls and tennis cricket balls which are flawlessly balanced. They are available in different sizes and weights of 156g, 142g, 130g and 100g. The balls are perfect for a newbie to a pro who knows how to make the best out of them. You will also find bowling machine balls, training and backyard balls in our stock.

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We have most of the major brands of all kinds of balls associated with playing cricket. They are of superior quality, guaranteed to last long and available at affordable prices. Searching for cricket ball for sale in Melbourne or Cricket balls online? ERS is a noted store in the area to get what you need.

4 Piece Cricket Ball

Want to buy a 4 piece cricket ball in Melbourne?

Browse our store to find world-class 4 piece cricket balls. They are durable, strong and made of four sheets of genuine leather. There is a perfect partition perpendicular to the equator of the ball. Play the professional test games without any hesitation. We ensure that our 4 piece balls will endure the hits and help you upskill your performance.

Looking for a 2 piece cricket ball? In our store, you will find top quality 2 piece cricket balls that are made of the best raw materials like cork, string and two sheets of genuine leather. The balls are comparatively long-lasting and help you deliver outstanding performance. They are lightweight which give that extra swing you need to score extra runs.

Finding it tough to choose the perfect cricket ball? Let our professionals help you. They understand your basic requirements and guide you precisely to get that perfect ball. They consider some important aspects like how perfectly the ball fits in your hand, whether it should be heavy or light, have bigger or smaller seams, and most importantly how comfortable you are.

Contact us or walk into our store to make the best purchase today!